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(Apparently)I IS FULL OF :iconimagination-1:

lol..Mah friends make me feel so modest :iconohquititplz:

Favs are always cool, but comments of feedback and such make me happeh~ :iconcarltondanceplz:

Give me a Fav and you get a llama :iconkermityayplz:

Seriously would be nothing without you guys, friends and watchers are always loved~ :icongangnamstyle-plz:

Random Favourites

Just because I'm a faving whore >.>

Yes, I fave and run...just not so much with sketches or black and white stuff...probably on a rare occasion or something...I like food..C:

Random from Sonic loves you all 0w0

Fan stuff/features/cameos/gifts/art trades/whatever for meh~ :iconbeckywhutplz: :iconakiraisspeechlessplz: XDD


Comics and the such! (1-5 pages)
Sonic: Loz Manga Page 16 by Sonicbandicoot
Happy Valentines Day 2012 by Sonicbandicoot
Megaman: S-H-D Manga Page 29 by Sonicbandicoot
Happy Thanksgiving 2012 by Sonicbandicoot
Make sure to note me on details of what plot and what characters or whatnot you would like for the story. 

This section will be for short comics, know that the price is pricy since these take a LOT of time to do, but I put my heart and soul into them! <3
Comics and the such! (5+ pages)
Sonic: Loz Manga Page 18 by Sonicbandicoot
TWETS Manga Page 8 by Sonicbandicoot
Megaman: S-H-D Manga Page 25 by Sonicbandicoot
Merry Christmas 2013 by Sonicbandicoot
Comics that are longer than 5 pages or for really long stories you would like me to illustrate for you~ As always, love and care is put into every comic I do, so they take a bit of time, but worth it!~ <3

Make sure to note me with details of what exactly you would like and ref sheets and all that good stuff! uvu
Digital Sonic the Hedgehog Arts
Saff and Becky - You're Never Alone C: by Sonicbandicoot
Merry Christmas 2012 by Sonicbandicoot
Escape from the...CRAZY GUN TRUCK oAo' lol by Sonicbandicoot
I choose to go my own way by Sonicbandicoot
Becky and Metal...STARRRRRRDUSTTTTTT lol by Sonicbandicoot
Commish - Knux and Riley being cuties by Sonicbandicoot
Will gladly draw ur OCs and OCxCanon and OCxOC pairings :meow:
Digital Megaman Arts
Can draw Classic, X, Legends, .EXE and Zero  series. You can ask for comics as well...and your Yaoi as well C:
Digital Square Enix Arts including TWEWY Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy
Composing is a lonely Game by Sonicbandicoot
I don't get people TTvTT by Sonicbandicoot
Kiribian - Joshua the Hedgehog 8D by Sonicbandicoot
AT - Sora and Riku: Dream Drop Distance by Sonicbandicoot
Merry X-mas Kaidouko by Sonicbandicoot
Happy Halloween 2012 by Sonicbandicoot
Like I said, I draw Final Fantasy, The World Ends With You, and Kingdom Hearts arts. Even will draw ur OCs and pairings. I also am practicing with drawing summons, so you can ask that too :D
Traditional Arts of Color :D
5 years of Zodiac =w= by Sonicbandicoot
Happy Valentines Day 2012 by Sonicbandicoot
Merry Christmas 2011 by Sonicbandicoot
Cecil and the moon phases by Sonicbandicoot
Happy Birthday Imimi-Ai~ =w= by Sonicbandicoot
ZeroxBecky - Among the Stars by Sonicbandicoot
These traditional commissions are done with Crayola colored pencils or Copics, but always with love <3 These take a lot of time and pencils to do, so they're a little more than digital commissions, but I assure you, it'll be worth it, I promise!
Dr.Prakenstein makes house calls! :D by Sonicbandicoot
+THE LEADER IN BLUE+ by Sonicbandicoot
Leo's Awesome One-Shot Fan Comic LOLWHUT by Sonicbandicoot
Will draw ur OCs and pairings, if u request in ur commission :D Will draw the ninja turtles series specifically from 2003 and the new 2012 one, mostly 2012
South Park Arts
+In The Night+ by Sonicbandicoot
Heroes vs Villans by Sonicbandicoot
Stan the Man in Photoshop by Sonicbandicoot
The Ninja of the Night by Sonicbandicoot
Lunchtime c: by Sonicbandicoot
You're my DENSITY XDD by Sonicbandicoot
Mostly will draw characters from the 'The Coon/Mysterion' episodes LOL
Well, they make for interesting arts XD And obviously will draw ur OCs and pairings :D
Pokemon Arts 8D
448 - Lucario by Sonicbandicoot
Merry Christmas 2011 by Sonicbandicoot
Happy Valentines Day 2012 by Sonicbandicoot
445 - Garchomp by Sonicbandicoot
478 - Froslass by Sonicbandicoot
Merry X-mas Mosspath by Sonicbandicoot
Will draw any Pokemon you like, and even trainers :D I just don't dwell too much into Pokemon Special stuff
Plushies Dolls
Silver the Hedgehog: full-size by Sonicbandicoot
I only have one pic since I have sold others on eBay, but now I work on a sewing machine, so plushies are made with love and care :D Let me know whatcha like C:


Oct 9, 2015
3:31 pm
Oct 9, 2015
2:52 pm
Oct 9, 2015
2:39 pm
Oct 9, 2015
2:28 pm
Oct 9, 2015
9:41 am


For the love of GOD, please don't randomly roleplay in the comments section. Nothing personal, it's just...really weird and annoying.. Trust me. Annoyed Rin 
Been real slow on updates with my comics and everything. Blame depression and stress for that ;o;
But I'll try to update a page or two, I just don't feel like talking right now.

Megaman Comic getting possible revamp!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 22, 2015, 8:27 PM
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: Keiko Matsui - Black River
  • Watching: Sonic Boom
  • Playing: Sonic Runners, Pokemon Shuffle
  • Eating: french fries WHATSADIETLOL
  • Drinking: Water

Hey guys Sonic here just sending small updates while I get super swamped in game design classes ;w; So yeah, if you haven't heard from lil ol me it's a mix of me being real busy with classes and work and just dealing with family and personal issues. But I swear I'm not dead like I always say every journal lol

Anyway, I'm gonna post this journal and head back to studying so just hear me out, I have a lot of comments and questions and feedback from all you lovely people and I'm just so sorry Im slow with replies. I see your comments, some very lovely compliments WHICH I THANK FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, some feedback and questions on next pages and the such on comics and a bunch of other things. I will answer some of your questions here just to get everyone up to speed! B-)

First off, yes I'm still working on Sonic - Legend of Zodiac AND Megaman - Strength-Hopes-Dreams
The holdup is that I'm in the process of both BRAINSTORMING THE HECK out of the sonic comic's next chapter. The next chapter is gonna be pretty big since there's gonna be some new faces like Zaion, who is actually pretty darn important story-wise. I also wanna show the mercenary base Slash and 'Becky' are a part of. Speaking of which, my cyan mercenary FC is gonna have a name change since I reallllly don't want it to be my name lol I wanna call her something like Aurora but I'm still working on it. 

The Megaman comic is actually getting the biggest change since I'm gonna revamp possibly the entire thing and even go digital! Why? Well first off, Copics are EXPENSIVE, if I wanna keep at a good pace and keep uploading more pages, I need to move faster. Can't do that if I don't have the right colors. Also, I really like the last digital comic I did as a commission. I wanna work more into it since it'll look super professional and the colors will look more accurate and nice! Another thing: I really need to change the story. Like, BADLY. I kinda got lost in what the heck is going on myself too. But more importantly, the characters are a bit out of place. Jazz and Logan I have changed a lot over the past 3 years so I need to reflect that on this comic. Quickman isn't as much of an asshole as I want him to be either LOL
Bottom line: my comics are in need of a revamping in some ways. Now I will take this time to hear some feedback from you guys because these comics wouldn't be anything without you guys. Your continued support is always what keeps me going to make these pages and hearing the feedback is always great!

Now I'm still thinking about what I'm gonna do and school and work will keep me from uploading anything, so I'm still thinking about what to do. So I'd love to hear some thoughts before then and I should get back to studying ahah

See ya then!~


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
What you see is what you get, just a hedgehog who loves art...
Sonic's the name, art's my game
:iconsonicishappyplz::iconsonicthehedgehogplz: :iconsonicexcitedplz: :iconpervysonicplz: :iconyourocksonicplz: :iconlasonicplz: :iconsoniclaplz:
Sonic stamp by SonyaLS Sonic Generations Loading Stamp by Dbzbabe Metal Sonic Stamp by Mecha-maniac :iconsonicwhatplz:

Oh, did I mention I looove Sonic? ;D Sonic Stamp by CriWolfy :heart:

I draw lots of Sonic, Megaman, Final Fantasy, The World Ends With You, Pokemon, TMNT etc. My dream in life is to be a Videogame Art Designer, the one that designs the characters and stories. I also wouldn't mind being an Animator...heck, maybe BOTH XDDD
I love SEGA, Capcom and Square-Enix to death <3 I would DIE to be able to work for them....but that kinda defeats the purpose if I'm dead, huh?
Nintendo's cool too~ C:
SEGA Stamp by BlueStylz Stamp - Squaresoft SquareEnix by shadowed-light-waves CAPCOM STAMP by neocargalpha

I'm a pretty quiet person in real life, I'm always by myself. But I do enjoy meeting people at the same time, when I'm online, its kinda the same deal, I love meeting new people, so please, never feel intimidated or shy to talk to me~ :meow:

Likes: Videogames(RPGs, Action/Adventure, Fighting, anything really..), Music(Videogame, Rock, Eurobeat, anything really...), Comic books and Mangas, Anime, being alone, stargazing, astronomy, paranormal stuff, the zodiac, city life, animals, computers, (anime and vg)guys, robots, dinosaurs, daydreaming

Dislikes: People, Shooter games, Sonic fanbrats, Capcom fanbrats, weeabos, Family Guy, Green Day, History classes, people whom I do art trades with and never follow up on their half of it, being a shitty artist, MLP: FiM, depression

My Megaman RP account: :iconjazz-the-robot-lover:
Youtube account for speedpaints, animations and gameplays:…

Have a nice day |D



You guys are awesome, great inspirations, and I just downright love you guys...and you deserve all the free requests ya want, love y'all~~

Sonic's Corner of Random Things

Art Trades Open by SquirtleStampsCommissions Open by SquirtleStampsCollabs Open by josephstaleknightRequests stamp by MeganTheRabbit
:star:Comic Status:star:
:bulletgreen: Sonic: Legend of Zodiac - Chapter 3(Sketching)
:bulletred: Invader ZIM - Revenge of the Vixov (DISCONTINUED)
:bulletred: Dissidia - Eternal (DISCONTINUED)
:bulletyellow: The World Ends this Summer - (Currently on pause for a remake)
:bulletgreen: Megaman: Strength-Hope-Dreams - Chapter 5(Sketching)
:bulletyellow: Nintendo High(Collab with Linkfan007) Page 2(Currently on pause)

:star:TO-DO LIST:star:
:bulletblue: Work on animations I have planned out
:bulletblue: Work on haircanons for robot masters
:bulletblue: POST COMIC PAGES!!
I am a Weavile! My Doom-filled Day
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Are You A Tsundere Or A Yandere?
Hosted By Anime

Sonic is Awesome Stamp by SpeedyAlchemist :Stamp: Anti-Recolors by RaveLegend The Death of Sonic by LumoreanArts Anti Sonic Archie Stamp by Kimiku Tails Doll Stamp by carrehz Sonic and Mario Stamp by sonicinterface Still Sonic Stamp by gameboyhero

:bulletblue:I :heart: Sonic the Hedgehog:bulletblue:
I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateYou Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostampsIt's Late Stamp by Otogakure-AkatsukiTakeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxstamp by Shadowstar14pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXstamp by Akuchi-NobaraPokemon Stamp by MarkiSanI Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehogI_love_manga-stamp by kluska-chanStamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXFantasy+RealLife Stamp by Monkey-Girl146I :HEART: AXEL STAMP by AquawaterStarFox 64 Stamp by Teeter-Echidna'Luigi Is a Star' Stamp by LoveandCakeDissidia: Final Fantasy by MikubaStampStamp: Tidus by ThanysaDissidia Tidus Stamp by SeryiaVideogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-SweetieMysterion Stamp by ginacartoonNeku stamp by stephie-annaJoshua stamp by stephie-annaLollypop stamp by stephie-annaBeat Stamp by britstixPokemon: Silver by st-stampsCanon stamp of canon by QuilofireI'd catch them all by DesuSigMakerSoulSilvershipping by MikuFregapaneFerriswheelshipping stamp by Mayu-HikaruPokemon GTS Greed Stamp by VertekinsDeath Note stamp by nekyaPocky Stamp by PockyPerson32STAMP Kaito Shion by The-Last-Fallen-AngeStamp :: Vocaloid by u-sagiAPH - Allies Marching Stamp by 2DeaAPH - Axis Marching Stamp by 2DeaDragon Soul Stamp by DbzbabeLOL BATMAN by TerrorCookieZelgadis Stamp by XiliaComputer Stamp by ShadowDragon22The Procrastination Stamp by BusirisPanda Stamp for Nirumo by MimisuzuExtinction Stamp by Kezzi-RoseBirth By Sleep Stamp by SweetDukeTerra by EllexonBlazBlue - Ragna Stamp by tenjin-kaiTMNT 2k12 Stamp by ibdancenLeonardo 2012 stamp by SA948-StampsFire Emblem 7 Stamp by NekoLiliahRoy Stamp by Coffee-MuffinChrom Stamp by AdraowenGaius Stamp by AdraowenDigimon stamp by Okami-MoonyBP_Tai and Agumon Stamp by Stamp221Stamp: Taichi fan by larabytesUI Heart Kitties Stamp by violetomegaQuickman by MikubaStampCrashman by MikubaStampMetalman by MikubaStampstarman stamp by 3DSupermarioShadowman by MikubaStampBlues by MikubaStampBlues Stamp 8 by NejiShadow2051Proto Man stamp by andrea-koupalProto Man stamp2 by andrea-koupalDA Stamp - Zero by virago-rsI support Zero's Hair by XX-MidnightX and Zero BFFs by XX-MidnightMega Man II Stamp by NES--still-the-bestMegaman Smash Bros Stamp by dalminsMegaman X Stamp by Kooroe::Dante Stamp:: by HayyieRyu Stamp :3 by isawarriorNot excused (for the corrupt anti-Capcom people) by Tenma-YuukiStamp thing. by DuskSparkMLP is not for me by Bitchtits-McGeeThe Legend of Dragoon Stamp by nakashimariku


Gotta go fast, Sanic. :D
Sun Apr 5, 2015, 11:13 PM
Sun Mar 9, 2014, 11:37 AM
Wow 6 years! And I've only been on a week!
Tue Jan 21, 2014, 9:36 PM
Avatar? I love that show, but no thank you
Sat Nov 16, 2013, 5:24 PM
Avatar do avatar
Sat Nov 16, 2013, 2:32 PM
man, i miss invader zim revenge of the vixon
Thu Nov 7, 2013, 8:28 PM
*cuddles you* :heart:
Thu Aug 1, 2013, 11:54 PM
Zero.....Y U SO AWESOME? D': :heart:
Sat Apr 20, 2013, 1:06 AM
thank you for joining the contest from #DreamDropFantasy I really appreciate it :)
Fri Jan 11, 2013, 3:50 AM
hello^^^j'suis nouvelle^^
Sun Dec 16, 2012, 9:31 AM

Hey y'all, kinda wanna ask a curious question regarding pairings in my Megaman comic(chapter 2 is being colored right now btw!!!) Uhmmm, is there a certain pair you support with Jazz, or one you wanna see happen? Just so I know? I'm sorry I'm asking this, 

39 deviants said QuickxJazz(Currently want this one now LOLOL)
15 deviants said BluesxJazz(I was leaning torward this pair initially when I started the comic)
6 deviants said FortexJazz(LOL NOTGONNAHAPPEN)
6 deviants said SomeotherRMxJazz(comment plz plz!!)
4 deviants said ShadowxJazz(Lots of development here, it COULD happen, but hey, let me know!)
4 deviants said StarxJazz(I would...JUST for a little while, but idk..)
3 deviants said MegamanxJazz(LMAO I would, but too typical to me)
3 deviants said SnakexJazz(...maybe? lol)
2 deviants said CrashxJazz(Maybe? Idk)


Sonicbandicoot has started a donation pool!
1,000 / 1,000
Hey, any little amount will do, I can use these for future commissions, or for my subbie~
If you send me some points I'll draw you something~ c:

:star: Current Commissions :star:

[None right now]

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